breech end

казенная часть

English-Russian Dictionary of Military Terms and Abbreviations. . 2001.

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  • breech|block — «BREECH BLOK», noun. a movable metal block which closes the breech end of the bore or barrel in certain firearms …   Useful english dictionary

  • breech — [brēch; ] for vt. 1 [ brich] n. [ME brech < OE brec, pl. of broc < IE base * bhreg : see BREAK] 1. the buttocks; rump 2. the lower or back part of a thing; specif., a) the lower end of a pulley block b) the back end of the barrel of a gun:… …   English World dictionary

  • breech|load|ing — «BREECH LOH dihng», adjective. (of guns) loaded from behind the barrel, instead of at the muzzle end …   Useful english dictionary

  • Breech-loading weapon — naval breech loader. Notice that there is a series of interlocking doors that never permit an open path from the gunhouse, down which a flash might travel, to the magazine.A breech loading weapon is a firearm (a rifle, a gun etc.) in which the… …   Wikipedia

  • breech — SYN: buttocks. [A.S. brec] * * * breech brēch n 1) the hind end of the body: BUTTOCKS 2) BREECH PRESENTATION also a fetus that is presented at the uterine cervix buttocks or legs first breech adv in the manner of a breech delivery or breech… …   Medical dictionary

  • breech-loading — Gun Gun (g[u^]n), n. [OE. gonne, gunne; of uncertain origin; cf. Ir., Gael., & LL. gunna, W. gum; possibly (like cannon) fr. L. canna reed, tube; or abbreviated fr. OF. mangonnel, E. mangonel, a machine for hurling stones.] 1. A weapon which… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • breech — n. /breech/; v. /breech, brich/, n. 1. the lower, rear part of the trunk of the body; buttocks. 2. the hinder or lower part of anything. 3. Ordn. the rear part of the bore of a gun, esp. the opening and associated mechanism that permits insertion …   Universalium

  • breech — noun Etymology: Middle English, breeches, from Old English brēc, plural of brōc leg covering; akin to Old High German bruoh breeches, Latin braca pants Date: before 12th century 1. plural a. short pants covering the hips and thighs and fitting… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • breech — Synonyms and related words: afterpart, afterpiece, back, back door, back seat, back side, backside, bed, bedrock, behind, belly, bottom, bottom side, buttocks, derriere, downside, fanny, fundament, hardpan, heel, hind end, hind part, hindhead,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • breech — n. [[t]britʃ[/t]] v. [[t]britʃ, brɪtʃ[/t]] n. 1) mil the rear part of the bore of a gun, esp. the opening that permits insertion of a projectile 2) mac the end of a block or pulley farthest from the supporting hook or eye 3) the buttocks •… …   From formal English to slang

  • Fore end — Fore Fore (f[=o]r), a. [See {Fore}, adv.] Advanced, as compared with something else; toward the front; being or coming first, in time, place, order, or importance; preceding; anterior; antecedent; earlier; forward; opposed to {back} or {behind};… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English


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